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High quality, fair trade, organic chocolate edibles made to be consistent and predictable.



Limited Time Only!

Only Available in B.C!

Our first Organic Milk Chocolate offering with candied orange peels and added botanical terpene limonene for an uplifting entourage effect.

Organic Dark Chocolate offering with dried cranberries and added botanical terpene b-caryophyllene for a calming entourage effect.   

Image by Sergei A

Organic Dark Chocolate with THC or CBD
Premium, "high" quality chocolate with a clean fruity aftertaste without the cannabis flavou

  Let's Get Hazy!  

Black Sky
For a delicious fruity smoke with a minty cool finish...

Watermelon MJTO Ice by Virtue Cannabis, Infused Pre-Rolls with Galactic Glue whole flower enriched with THCa Diamonds and finished with a  lavish coating of kief.  

Cosmic Sky

Sativa feels followed by Indica chills, Galactic Glue is a smooth and tasty strain made from GG#4 x Gorilla Glue. Available in 28 g 

Virtue Cannabis 

Starry Sky

Now offering merch!

Get 10% Off Select Items

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Our Story

Founded by two sisters who both found cannabis after cancer diagnoses. The Hazy Camper is a small company in British Columbia, Canada with big dreams driven by a desire to make edibles that taste good and are made from clean ingredients.

Here is our business story video submission to the Telus Stand With Owners Contest: 

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